Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Theodore Boone (The First Book in the Theodore Boone Series) by John Grisham

If you were to ask me, I would unequivocally name John Grisham as the very first author who introduced me to adult crime fiction/legal thrillers with his winning bestseller, The Firm (1991).  However, first roll of honour must go to two wonderful writers, Enid Blyton and Carolyn Keene, who gave me hours and hours of pure bliss reading mystery stories when I was a young girl.

The reason I mentioned 'young' is because this time, Grisham has brought me back to my heydays by introducing a thirteen-year-old boy, Theodore Boone, who lives in Strattenburg (a fictional city) with his parents, both busy lawyers.  He is an only child.  He has a dog called Judge.  He is in the eighth grade at a public school where his favourite subject is Government with Spanish coming a close second.

Like any kid, he aspires to be like his parents when he grows up, one who handles the biggest cases and never loses before juries.  Sometimes, he dreams of becoming a wise and fair judge.  He is very at home at the local courthouse, in fact, he spends more time there than most lawyers.  Most boys his age would dream of going to a concert or hanging out with friends but Theo, Theo lives for the big trials.  At only thirteen years old, he has his own little boxlike closet cum law office in the law firm of Boone & Boone.  Yes, at only thirteen years old, he can talk the talk and walk the walk.

It so happens that Strattenburg is having its first murder trial after a long time and Theo's class, headed by his favourite teacher, Mr Mount, has organized a field trip to the courthouse to watch the trial.  It is a case of the State versus Mr Peter Duffy.  Mr Duffy has been accused of murdering his wife, Myra Duffy, by strangulation.  It is dubbed the cleanest killings in history because there are no witnesses, no crime-scene proof, not even a shred of evidence to support this sensational murder trial.  At the moment, everything is circumstantial.  Possible motives?  Money.  Greed.  Only Theo knows the truth.  The stakes are high but he won't stop until justice is served...  

That is as far as I would go.  Read the book.  It will tell you a lot more.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, even though I have long passed that precocious age.  It is a book for everyone, not just the young!  I have already passed this book to my teenagers and hopefully, they will pass it on to their friends - great book to start off their legal education!  I am very pleased to learn that the second book of Theodore Boone called The Abduction is due out next month, June 2011.  Other information about the author and his other books can be gleaned from his official site on  Happy reading.

The author says it best:

For the benefit of young readers:

What's next for Theodore Boone, Mr Grisham?

Rating:  5/5


  1. The Abduction is an excellent follow up to Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer. Grisham has a unique ability to express his stories from the viewpoint of a youngster. I got an extra copy of Kid Lawyer for my ten-year old grandson, and he loved it.

  2. I read this with my 10 year old son. Just the right number of twists and turns to make it exciting, but not so many to make it too complex. Great intro to Grisham for him. We'll read the rest of Theo Boone series.