Monday, 19 February 2018

Childless (American Tragedy Trilogy) by Brian J Gail

Paperback:  This heart-pounding Catholic fiction adventure spanning forty years culminates in Childless (2011), the third and final novel in Brian J Gail's "American Tragedy Trilogy."

The reader is propelled from Manhattan boardrooms to European capitals to Middle East laboratories to Church chanceries and confessionals.

Step into these pages and follow Father John Sweeney and the families he serves as they struggle to live their Catholic faith in a world that grows more hostile with every turn of the page.

Gail throws back the veil on the architecture of the Life Sciences Revolution and its carefully planned milestones from the abortifacients pill to in-vitro fertilization to embryonic stem cell testing, and ultimately, to the very door of the Transhumanist project itself.

You will see something of your own soul in these characters as they struggle to survive the great apostasy and navigate their way to the Church's promised New Springtime.

The American Tragedy Trilogy is highly recommended to everyone, regardless of faiths or beliefs.

About the author:  Brian J Gail was a schoolboy baseball phenomenon recruited by Division One universities and scouted by Major League baseball teams;  he suffered a disabling shoulder injury early in his college career and was sent to the Philadelphia Phillies team doctor whose efforts to help him regain his exceptional pitching velocity were unsuccessful.

Fueled by a white hot competitive fire and magnetic rhetorical gifts, he rocketed to the top of the Madison Avenue advertising world in his mid-30s only to see his career derailed by a great moral business dilemma and a direct challenge to his Catholic faith.  A gifted entrepreneur and CEO, he provided strategic marketing counsel to elite Fortune 500 corporations and directed a variety of non-profit boards focused on assisting the underprivileged in Philadelphia.

Today, Brian J Gail is a critically acclaimed author, a Knight of the Immaculate, a co-founder of three catholic classical academies, a patent holder, and a highly sought after speaker on matters of faith and family.  Brian’s remarkable novel Fatherless (the first in the American Tragedy trilogy) is published by Emmaus Road Publishing and has become a powerful tool for catechesis.

Brian married his high school sweetheart, Joan Mary Kain, 40 years ago and they were blessed with seven children including two sets of identical twins and one set of “Irish twins.”  Brian has touched many lives with his optimism, humour, and unwavering Faith in Our Lady and the truths of the Catholic Church.  He and his lovely wife, Joan, divide their time between homes in Villanova, Pennsylvania and Jupiter Island, Florida.

Rating:  5/5

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