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Beyond Murder: The Inside Account of the Gainesville Student Murders (True Crime) by John Philpin and John Donnelly

Paperback:  Beyond Murder (1994) is the inside story of the serial sex slayer responsible for the Gainesville student murders of 1990.  Respected psychological profiler John Philpin and veteran journalist John Donnelly detail the five murders and their aftermath in a gripping narrative.

Gainesville, Florida, was bursting with high spirits and expectations.  The University of Florida was starting its school year, and students were swarming into town.  Then, in seventy-two savage hours, school days turned into a nightmare of mass terror.

Five corpses - four beautiful girls and one handsome young man - were found bloodily butchered.  Even worse, the girls, had been unspeakably violated and mutilated, and left in positions to display the depraved damage to the fullest.

All the dedicated police force knew was that a serial killer was on the loose - and that their first suspects all proved innocent.

This is the riveting true account of the killings, the victims, an ace chief of detectives who did not let his own battle with cancer stop his manhunt, and above all, Danny Rolling, the man indicted for murder, who drifted through the worlds of both country music and ruthless crime until his demons of anger and desire erupted in an orgy of death.

Complete with exclusive revelations from Danny Rolling's own lips, Beyond Murder is an unforgettable journey through the twisted maze of a serial murderer's mind and a shattering exposé of the horror one sex killer can wreak.

About the authors:  John Philpin has been the forensic consultant to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department in their re-investigation of the Stephanie Crowe homicide.  He was also one of the first independent criminal profilers in the US and is a retired psychologist with an international reputation as an expert on violent behavior.  He has appeared on "Unsolved Mysteries," "Northwest Afternoon," "Inside Edition," the "Jim Bohannon Show," "America's Most Wanted," CBC's "As It Happens," and "20/20 Downtown" and has served as a guest commentator on Court TV's "Prime Time Justice."  His published works include Beyond Murder, a true crime book about the Gainesville student murders, and Stalemate, a true story of child abduction and murder in the San Francisco Bay area.  He has also written five novels. The recipient of numerous awards recognizing his contributions to murder investigations, Philpin holds degrees in English, clinical psychology, and forensic psychology.

John Donnelly is the author of "A Twist of Faith: An American Christian's Quest to Help Orphans in Africa" (Beacon Press, 2012).  For more than thirty years, John Donnelly has reported in regions far from the United States, starting with the civil wars of Central America, delving into the political violence in Haiti, drawing out tales of conflict and peace in the Middle East and Asia, and then landing in Africa, where he feels most at home.  In Africa, where he travelled as a staff reporter for the Boston Globe and later as a Kaiser Family Foundation fellow, he became intrigued by the steady stream of Americans with big hearts and big ambitions whose adventures are told in this book.

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