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The Acid Bath Murders: The Trials and Liquidations of John George Haigh by Gordon Lowe

Paperback:  When you meet a man who talks like that, you should run for your life. - Fifth victim's brother

John George Haigh committed five perfect murders - by dissolving his wealthy victims in sulphuric acid.

Then he tipped away the resultant soup to avoid detection on a ‘no body, no murder’ principle and used his victims’ property to fund his luxury lifestyle of silk ties and flashy cars.

Murder number six was less than perfect.

When a guest in Haigh’s hotel disappeared, the police found half-dissolved body parts carelessly thrown into the yard outside his secluded workshop.  But was the urbane Mr Haigh, the man brought up by strict Plymouth Brethren parents in Yorkshire and dressed like a city stockbroker, really the monster he said he was?  Did he really kill six innocent people just so he could drink their blood?

Using unpublished archive papers, including recently released letters Haigh wrote from prison while awaiting execution, author Gordon Lowe sheds light on whether Haigh’s claims were a cynical ploy for a ticket into Broadmoor Hospital, or if he was a psychopathic vampire with a penchant for disposing of his victims in acid, in The Acid Bath Murders:  The Trials and Liquidations of John George Haigh (2015).

About the author:  Gordon Lowe, born and bred in Bath, taught law in London for ten years, including a year in America.  Returning to the West Country, he set up his own law practice near Bath before retiring in September 2010 to write full time.  He is the author of Escape From Broadmoor (2013), which tells of the story of John Straffen’s murderous escape from the famous hospital for the criminally insane.  His latest book, The Black Panther, was published in November 2016 and tells the story of Donald Neilson, best known for the kidnap and murder of Lesley Whittle in 1975 and the fraught police investigation that followed.  Gordon is happy to take on speaking engagements about his books. 

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