Simply put, Choose and Book is a blog about books, books and more books - old and current - which yours truly read and/or has an interest in.  Non-fiction books usually highlight social issues and problems that are plaguing the universe like crime, injustice, the wrongfully convicted, murder (filicide, familicide, murder-for-hire, etc), issues facing prisons, legal issues, missing persons, abductions, cold cases, police investigations and others.  There are also autobiographies, biographies, historical books plus a whole horde of entertaining fiction books from all over the world or as much as Choose and Book is able to read in the course of a year.

Choose and Book's views and choices of books do not necessarily reflect the views and choices of others, although at times, it does seem so.  There is no law against this as far as Choose and Book is able to ascertain.

The links provided on Choose and Book will be redirected to another site hosted by another party.  To do so is at your own risk but the risk is 99.9% minimal.  The links, more than any other reason, provide you with more information about the book, the author and more importantly, the story or case at hand and that is the intention rather than the contention of Choose and Book.

Choose and Book is a hobby and yours truly is not paid to run this blog by anyone or anything mentioned on this blog.

True crime cases may not always be updated after the posting date.  This may cause inconveniences and for that, please accept yours truly's apologies.  Non-fiction books will not be rated on a one-to-five scale, purely because they are factual accounts of a situation, a case, a country, a person or a person's personal experiences.

Last but not least, Choose and Book's two main objectives are to instil the love of reading in others and to share yours truly's love of reading.

Happy reading and thank you for visiting.